When an appraisal is performed on a stamp collection, you are given a formal report on the value of your collection. It is recommended a formal appraisal be performed before you sell if you have a valuable stamp collection. If you plan on putting your stamp collection in your will or estate, or you need the collection insured, you should get a formal appraisal.

I usually do not buy stamp collections. I am only doing formal appraisals at this time.

Yes. If you have high value stamps, I can arrange to sell them on consignment for you, or offer them in a large nation-wide formal auction. Usually these are from collections worth $10,000 or more.

Stamp collections that do not have a high monetary value are still useful. You should consider handing the collection down to a younger family member, or donating to a charity.

Topper Stamps can arrange to have your stamps donated to the local Houston Stamp Club children’s program, the Boy Scouts Merit Badge program, or a similar charity. Donations to the history department at private schools or to a local home-school association is also a good idea.

Also here is a link to the Houston Philatelic Society (HPS) to learn more.

For a formal, written appraisal, fees are $75/Hour with a minimum of charge of $150.

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